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As we are moving toward vision 2030 Manufacturing is one and one of those industries that are key to this realization hence Dinapama, s establishment become critical and relevant to this challenging and yet attainable goal-Vision 2030. It is however important to mention that Dinapama is a Namibia based company for now however not limited for international participation and trade as other international company Dinapama will work hard to occupy an international market space.

Our products are uniquely designed and manufactured to suit individual customer’s requirements, thereby giving you, our most precious customer, the rare opportunity to embrace and own every item.

We emphasise excellent quality, competent pricing and on time delivery of all products and services.

Now is economic emancipation and resources distribution to the masses of our people that have make everything possible in terms of peace stability that enable business to grow thus our existence. At all time feel free to contact us, we are not perfect however we are moving toward perfection and you are the yard stick that measure and inform us of the role we play and the improvement we need to bring about, either in terms products design or workmanship.

You are key and remain key to our existence. Come and visit your factory see how your products is being produced. Dinapama of the people for the people today and forever. Together we can make Namibia an industrialize nation and develop the capacity of our country man and women.



1. Bags and Folders

Hiking Bags, Sports Bags, School Bags, Travelling Bags, Riffle Bags, Conference Bags, Tourist Bags, Folders, etc.

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2. Head Wear

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3. Casual and Formal Clothing

T-shirts, National Shirts, Shirts, Wind Breakers, etc.

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4. Tracksuits and Sports Wear

Sports Wear, Tracksuits, Sports Jacket

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5. Embroidery

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Company information

Managing Director

Mr. David Namalenga




65 employees (Jan/2012)

Main office, workshop and retail

Address: Unit 3 and 5, Municipal Industrial Stalls, Shire Street, Wanaheda, Windhoek

P.O.Box 21423, Windhoek, Namibia

Tel: +264-61-402-364, +264-61-260-717

Fax: +264-61-221-299



About Us

Dinapama Manufacturing & Supplies. is a Namibian based company specializing in custom designing, manufacturing and branding of high quality Bags, Folders, Sportswear, Tracksuits, T-shirts, windbreakers, Overalls, jackets, toiletry bags, caps & hats, house-keeping dresses, aprons, chefs- clothing, waistcoats, corporate, casual wear & Formal Clothing and Headwear.
The uniqueness and quality of our products and on time delivery cannot be overemphasized because that is our existence. It is because of you our valued clients that we exist and without you we cannot. Our working hours, are clients based, when a client need the results in the night that become our working time and when the client need the products on Sunday or public holiday that become our working day .
It is with the mind of industrializing Namibia that we vow to turn Namibia into an industrialize nation and can only be through undivided attention, hard working, dedication, commitment, sense of loyalty, sense of ownership to the economy and to our country Namibia the Land of the Brave. Our wealth is our employees the working man and women of our company are the soldiers that make the dream a reality and they have ownership into the business.
Digitizing for all types of embroidery machines as well as branding on different types of items by Embroidery and Heat-Press. Dinapama Manufacturing and Supplies is a company established in September 2009.


“To be a modern, diverse and unique manufacturing company of choice”.


To provide our customers with “value for money” personalised products and services based on current trends and customer needs, with the experience of each customer leading to customer retention, repeat and referred business.


  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Commitment

The company motto “ While Others Follow, We Lead!



Category: Textile Products, Region: Khomas