water troughs for livestock

Putuaota Welding


We are producing and selling metal products by welding such as beds, chairs, water troughs for livestock and donkey carts. We sell our unique products at our workshop, domestic trade fair and cattle auctions and the products are popular with not only the local farmers and residents but also all over the Namibia. We also produce our products to order and repair wide varieties of metal products by welding like gate and pots. Why not get our custom made products?



  • Metal products by welding
    • Beds
    • Chairs
    • Water troughs for livestock
    • Donkey carts, etc
  • Repairing

Putuaota Welding Putuaota Welding









Putuaota Welding



Putuaota Welding Putuaota Welding









Company information

Owner and Manager

Mr. Eliphas Putuaota

Putuaota Welding



2 emplyees


Address: Otjinene, Omaheke Region

P.O.Box 101002, Otjinene, Omaheke, Namibia

Cell: +264-81-4169462


Putuaota Welding was started in 2008.




Category: Machinery and Metal Products, Region: Omaheke