Pots of Hope


Together we can reduce rural poverty, STOP gender based violence, and challenge HIV-related stigma and discrimination!

Who we are

We are an indigenous, rural Namibia based group of women and young people, specializing in potery of
the highest quality.



We make the following products:

  • vases
  • tea sets
  • milk jugs
  • mugs
  • sugar bowls
  • garden pots
  • goblets
  • plates
  • ornaments, etc.

From our products you can live the dream of not only possessing earthenware and stoneware works
deeply rooted in the proud traditions and cultures of Namibia, but also experience the very essence
of owning original art work in its truest form.

All of our products are given a touch that goes beyond just making ceramics. Our dedication and
communication through our wares ensures that when you buy our products you get the best of Namibia’s
culture, while giving us hope and contributing to our empowerment.

Pots of Hope Pots of Hope








Pots of Hope Pots of Hope








Pots of Hope Pots of Hope








Pots of Hope Pots of Hope








Pots of Hope Pots of Hope










Pots of Hope Pots of Hope







Pots of Hope Pots of Hope







Pots of Hope Pots of Hope







Company information

Chair person

Ms. Patrick Shambwe

Community member

300 member

Office, Shop & Workshop

Address: Kamanjab

P.O.Box 189, Kamanjab, Namibia

Cell: +264-81-1281141


Our approach

Pots of Hope works with the poor, the stigmatized and abused women and girls. Engaging them in a life changing and emotional healing dialogue that enables them to rediscover their potential, and then provide them potting skills for long them empowerment.

Our Aim

  • Improve the livelihoods of rural and urban communities in Kunene Region through pottery making.
  • Reduce rural poverty through pottery making.
  • To stop gender based violence and reduce HIV and AIDS related stigma in the Kunene Region and thereby increase the uptake of HIV and AIDS and TB related services and prevention.

Community dialogues creates an enabling environment for both men, women and custodians of culture,
firstly women and men alone then in a join group challenged the harmful cultural that makes men/women vulnerable to HIV and come up with solutions.

“As young man I believed that beating my girlfriend was the only way to resolve problems. But now I
see and understand things differently. Most importantly men are never part of empowerment programs.
I am happy and honored to be part of the powerful dialogues”. Kamanjab resident.


Youth of Kamanjab explore how different groups of young people are stigmatized for different behaviors and look at how judgment about young people link to HIV-related stigma. Below they are engaged in a group work exploring between language and stigma.

“Thank you very much for all you have been and did for me. You are my strength of pillar, my friend, sister, mother, everything.” A Pots of Hope teen.


Volunteers are encouraged to share their skills, knowledge with the children, youth women, and men of Pots of Hope.

Contributions such as educational/reading books, drawing books for children, crayons, old clothes and pottery materials. Financial contributions will be highly appreciated.

“Moulding pots has a therapeutic effect…”making pots gives me inner peace together as a group women, we can achieve great things and improve our lives and that of our community”. Kamanjab Lady participant.




Category: Pottery, Region: Kunene