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karas huisen crafts


Karas Huisen Crafts is a Namibian public benefit trust operating a sheltered craft workshop situated in Tseiblaagte, the poorest suburb of Keetmanshoop, Namibia. The workshop employs about fifty local people, mostly women.





KHC specializes in needlework, beadwork and jewelry made from ostrich shells, all of which are traditional Nama crafts typical for southern Namibia. All products are handmade with unique designs reflecting Namibian cultural heritage. Special attention is paid to quality control.
The standard KHC product catalog includes over 80 types of products. KHC offers a wide selection of bags, soft toys in the shapes of African animals and dolls, decorative products for the home, kitchen items and jewelry from beads and ostrich shells. KHC also specializes in T‐shirt printing and corporate wear embroidery. The workshop staff is also able to make special orders according to specific customers needs such as choir gowns, conference bags, quilted wall hangings etc.

Unique bags from strong material, embroidered and decorated with beads and ostrich egg shells painted by hand are combining all traditional crafts typical for the south of Namibia.

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Giraffes, rhinos, monkeys and elephants are made with patchwork technique, using matching materials with ethnic patterns. Traditional craft skills are utilized in producing a variety of Namibian dolls.

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Decorative textile products include printed placemats, table runners, hand-printed tablecloths, embroidered pillow covers, aprons and potholders with African motifs in different color combinations and sizes.

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Excellent beadwork skills of craftsmen from the Karas region are incorporated in a large variety of beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. A line of traditional jewelry made from ostrich shells includes painted necklaces, earrings and hairclips.

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Printed/embroidered conference bags, T‐shirts and hats with computer embroidered/printed designs, gowns for school or church choirs as well as school uniforms and overalls for municipalities are just some of the custom printing orders KHC can complete. Quilted wall hangings and bedspreads can also be made according to specific customers’ requests. KHC can also make one-of-a-kind craft products as gifts for employers to give to their employees for holiday time.

karas huisen crafts


KHC headquarters is situated in the heart of Tseiblaagte, the poorest suburb of Keetmanshoop, in order to be easily accessible to the beneficiaries. KHC occupies a municipal building called Wake Centre for which it has received a long-term lease. The renovation of the building, which was originally used as a pub, was funded by the Government of the Czech Republic.

Apart from the office space, KHC employees utilize two workshops, a printing room, a store room for material and a store room for finished products.

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karas huisen crafts karas huisen crafts











Company information

The Trustees

Rev. Dr. Andreas Biwa

Mr. Gabriel Freyer

Reb. Dr. Nicholas Christians

Dr. Katerina Verchusa

Ms. Maria Goliath



Ms. Madalene Hartung


30 member

karas huisen crafts


Address: Wake Center, Tseib. Avenue, Keetmanshoop

P.O.Box 273, Keetmanshoop

Tel: +264-63-224464

Fax: +264-63-225994



In 2004, People in Need, a non-profit organization from the Czech Republic, founded a sheltered craft workshop in Keetmanshoop with the aim to reduce the social and economic consequences of HIV/AIDS and TB in southern Namibia. The project was supported by the Government of the Czech Republic between 2004 and 2009. In May 2009 Karas Huisen Crafts was established as an independent Namibian charitable trust which took over the operations of the craft workshop to ensure its long-term sustainable functioning under the Namibian governance after the withdrawal of People in Need from Namibia in September 2010.

Our Vision

Hui-sen means “help yourself” in the Nama language. Karas Huisen Crafts’ vision is to create an enabling environment for social and economic empowerment and upliftment of disadvantaged Namibian people; especially women.

Our Mission

Karas Huisen Crafts aims to provide vulnerable Namibian people with skills and opportunities to help themselves. KHC is determined to assist namely those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and TB with income generating opportunities that would enable them to provide for themselves and their families.

Our Strategy

Karas Huisen Crafts’ strategy embraces the development of income generating activities focused mainly on crafts and needlework as well as a learning process providing the beneficiaries with opportunities to master general work responsibilities. KHC endeavors to provide its employees with training and the chance to use their talents and acquired skills to generate basic income from making and selling craft items to the public in Namibia and overseas.


Karas Huisen Crafts provides the most vulnerable people from Tseiblaagte, the poorest suburb of Keetmanshoop, with an opportunity to learn basic working habits, to develop their professional skills and to strengthen and build their self-esteem. The sheltered workshop operated by KHC currently provides jobs for about 50 people, out of which an absolute majority are women. The KHC employees, often single mothers and foster parents, are usually the main breadwinners in their households. Considering the family members of the KHC staff, dependent on the income from the workshop, in total about 300 beneficiaries directly benefit from the project. The average salary of a workshop employee is about 700 NAD (100 USD) per month.
The KHC workshop provides job opportunities primarily for people suffering from HIV/AIDS and TB or other chronic diseases, however KHC also offers jobs to other people in need from households affected by HIV/AIDS or suffering from profound poverty.
Over the years, the project strategy focusing on economic empowerment of disadvantaged community members has proved a significant impact on people’s lives, especially in terms of building their self-confidence, self-discipline, relevant financial planning and providing a longterm vision to families of the KHC staff and especially their children (an access to secondary and tertiary education etc.). Unskilled laborers without any long-term experience with formal employment have become craft professionals typically working for the project already for more then 5 years. About one third of the people who worked for the project over the years later found employment in the formal labor market.
KHC is proud to be a mother-friendly employer, encouraging mothers to bring their children to the workshop.



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Southern Gemstones


Southern Gemstones specializes in the cutting, polishing and processing of Natural Namibian gemstones and any other such materials as commissioned by the client. The factory is located at the residence of the owner in a neatly built factory where he cuts and polishes whilst his wife manages the daily administration of this growing business. The company has strategic relationships with all relevant industry stakeholders such as the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Keetmanshoop Municipality, The PLDDDSI Partnership between the Finnish and Namibian Local Authorities. Southern Gemstones has successfully traded with various international gemstone traders and has an impeccable business record within the industry.



The business specializes in the mining or prospecting of semi-precious stones in areas such as Karas Mountain, Brukaros, Berseba and Tses. These stones are then used to manufacture quality jewellery such as earings, pendants, rings, cuffs.

They deal in semi-precious stones such as amethyst, carnelian, agate, garnet, chalcedony, tiger-eye, tormalina, topaz, malachite, picture stone, etc.

southern gem stones southern gem stones southern gem stones southern gem stones southern gem stones southern gem stones southern gem stones southern gem stones southern gem stones southern gem stones southern gem stones southern gem stones southern gem stones southern gem stones southern gem stones southern gem stones



House Nr 89, Mimosa Street, Kronlein, Keetmanshoop

southern gem stones southern gem stones










southern gem stones southern gem stones









Company information


Mr. Jacobus J. Meyer

southern gem stones

Mr. Jacobus J. Meyer is a qualified watchmaker graduate from the Milwaukee School of Watch Makers (1976). He has also obtained a Trainer of Trainees Certificate through a training initiative of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the Common Wealth Secretariat (2004). In addition he also obtained a certificate in Gemology, Geology basic, silver-smithing and Gemstone cutting and polishing from Lanavaara Technikon in Sweden. He is a ardent amateur geologist and prospector with more than 30 years experience in the gemstone industry and has export references.


Ms. A.Meyer

Ms. A. Meyer whom is married to Mr. J.J. Meyer runs the daily administrative management of Southern Gemstones. As a highly educated retired Medical Nurse in Obstetrics as well Epidemiology, she also has done a variety of administration training courses in her specialized field as well as obtained a CED, Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Polytechnic of Namibia.


1 employee


Address: House Nr 89, Mimosa Street, Kronlein, Keetmanshoop

P.O.Box 757, Kronlein, Keetmanshoop

Cell: +264-81-3823090, +264-81-2693842



Southern Gemstones is a registered Sole Proprietor with the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the Republic of Namibia. It was established in 2006 by Mr. J.J. Meyer.


southern gem stones



Category: Gemstones, Region: Karas