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Swakop River Olives

Ruheleben is a German word, roughly translated as “peaceful life”, and it is the name of the grove where Swakop River Olives are grown 12 kilometres outside Swakopmund, Namibia. Ruheleben farm is on the banks of the Swakop River with views of endless sand, black rocky outcrops and sharply angled golden sand dunes, sphinx-like guardians of the silent desert. The silence is broken only by the intrusion of human activity.

The hardy olive seems to thrive in these desert conditions of heat, intense light and dry air. They can even withstand the blisteringly hot East winds in winter, which come hurtling down the desert plains to the coast, gathering heat and dust on the way down.



Swakop River Olives Swakop River Olives Swakop River Olives










Swakop River Olives Swakop River Olives







Swakop River Olives Swakop River Olives








Farm and Workshop

The olives from Ruheleben are popular with the locals and used in many of the restaurants. Green and black olives are handpicked and sorted for the curing and bottling process. It’s a long process which is very labour intensive, with the emphasis on quality. Even the labelling, and the choice of bottles has been carefully done using Namibian artist Koos van Ellinckhuizen for the label design and Margaret Courtney-Clarke, a world renowned photographer for professional photographs for the lithographed tin. Proudly Namibian, Ruheleben went on to win the Platinum award at the November 2011 Made in Namibia Expo held in Windhoek.

Swakop River Olives


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The Platinum Award for Swakop River Olives

Swakop River Olives were invited by the Ministry of trade and Industry to exhibit their products and were awarded the Platinum Award for best “Made in Namibia Product” in November 2011.




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