Erongo Region




Karakulia Weavers Centre

hand made wall hangings rugs, carpets, etc.







Mondesa Knitting Centre

Knit wears, school jerseys, etc.





drc woman's project


Drc Women’s Project

handicrafts, accessories, beads, etc.





j&h enterprise


J&H Enterprise

handicrafts, photo frames, tissue boxes, jewellery boxes, etc.







Naruu Fashion and Design

traditional dresses, wedding dresses, kiddies clothes, shirts for men, african attire, bedding, etc





Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers


Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers 

boiler making, furniture, light engineering services, metal fabrication,pipe fittings, security fences, security gates, steel cabinets, steel lockers, welding including stainless steel, etc.




desert hills


Desert Hills

cosmetics, body cream, face cream, hand cream, after shave balm, body peeling, soap, tissue oil, natural food, cooking oil, etc.






Hellata Investments Hellata Investments CC

bed linen, pillow, curtains, table cloth, place mats, traditional garment, wedding gowns, fashion accessories, scarves, baskets, beaded jewellery, wall hangers, flags, etc.





Swakop River Olives

Ruheleben Estate – Swakop River Olives

olive oil, olives.






Peneyambeko Pottery

Peneyambeko Pottery

pottery, traditional pots, plates, cups, decorated ornamental pots, elephant buckets, fish buckets, flower pots, vases, etc.





Erongo Regional Office in Swakopmund

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