Otjozondjupa Region


tina investment and welding


Tina Investment and Welding Accessories CC

braai stands, mahangu mills, neck clamps, tailers, welding, etc.






Smilling Trading Enterprise

Smilling Trading Enterprise CC

toilet cover sets, Kitchen cover sets, bed sets, curtains, pillow covers, aprons, traditional

dresses, etc.




Otjozondjupa Leather Products Project

Otjozondjupa Leather Products Project

Tailored clothes: jackets, shirts, traditional dresses, wedding dresses

Leather products: jackets, bags, wallets, belts, etc.





Bushman Fire Manufacturing

Bushman Fire Manufacturing CC

charcol cooker, braai stand, etc.






Zokka’s Meat & Biltong

Zokka’s Meat & Biltong

Fresh meat: beef, mutton, pork, game meat, etc.

Dry and processed meat: biltong, droewors, chilli bites, viennas, polony, etc.





Otjozondjupa Regional Office in Otjiwarongo

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