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Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI)

Namibia Chamber of Commerce Industry (NCCI)

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Team Namibia



We are looking for partners of SMEs in and out of the country in the areas of;

  • Suppliers to obtain reasonable and unique raw materials.
  • New Product Development for high-value-added products in order to achieve greater profit margins.
  • Sales agents to penetrate into a new market in order to explore new business opportunities.
  • Suppliers to introduce facilities from foreign countries which are not available domestically.
  • Retailers with willingness to sell SME’s products.
  • Supporters for enhancing managerial capacity and improving technical skills of SMEs.
  • and others.

If you hope to be in partnership with SMEs, please feel free to directly contact SMEs.
Also if you hope to continuously cooperate with SMEs and expect to hear from SMEs, please inform us. We will link your website or insert your information on here.