SMEs Programme

1. For all the SMEs in Namibia wishing to be posted on this website:

Please consult with the regional officer of your region on posting your company information on this website. We will upload your company information after the regional officer of your region have an interview with you about your company then take the pictures of your products, facilities, etc.

In principle, any manufacturers from all over Namibia with growth potential are eligible to participate. Posting your company information on the website is free of charge since this is one of the government’s support programs.


2. Business Support Services Programme

The Business Support Service Programme (BSSP) developed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) is a comprehensive package of business support to assist entrepreneurs to conduct feasibility studies, develop business plans, enhance business skills through hands-on training including business monitoring and mentoring. BSSP will be available to all entrepreneurs country wide with special focus to be given to Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) to be developed into success ventures as an alternative source of productive income. In the meantime creating job opportunities for Namibians and the success of this entrepreneurship development programme will contribute to national development in line with the aspiration of VISION 2030.

Progromme activities

The activities highlighted in this project cover the following basic area where the SMEs and the industries in the promoted and strategic stctors will be given preference:

 (a) Facilitate Access to and Effective Utilization of Finance

  • conduct feasibility studies and/or formulation of business plans for newly emerging and existing entrepreneurs;
  • identify principal sources and options of funding especially for SME enterprises and in supporting the SMEs in raising the required financial resources;
  • provide support in designing management structures and in project implementation;
  • provide training support coupled with mentoring and aftercare services;
  • provide consultancy services to SMEs to enhance the productivity and quality of their products and services.

 (b) Marketing Services

  • provide assistance to Namibian businesses to gain market access for their products and services;
  •  provide assistance to local promoter, especially the SMEs to form partnerships or other forms of legal structure;
  •  provide appropriate market strategies, promotional methods and techniques to penetrate competitive markets both locally and externally.

 (c) Specialized Technical Support

  • provide assistance to entrepreneurs to diversify sourcing of their production inputs and technologies;
  • provide technical assistance to entrepreneurs who are interested in franchising businesses;
  • assist in establishing links with local and international suppliers of input materials and technologies;
  • organize businesses, especially the SMEs in related areas and with common interests into groups to place joint orders for input materials or technologies and/or replacement parts;
  • assist in the acquisition of franchising licenses for entrepreneurs who are ready to go into franchising businesses.

 (d) Training

  • develop consulting capacity and capability of consultants industry in the regions for effective delivery of mentoring, consultancy and advisory services;
  • develop entrepreneurial attitudes in the promoters and entrepreneurs especially the newly emerging SMEs who are engaged or are tending to initiate businesses based on resource endowments available in the various regions;
  • develop managerial and technical skills of entrepreneurs and their personnel;
  • identify training needs and provide actural training in areas such as quality standards, quality control, labeling, product development, production management, stock control, bookkeeping, costs minimization, credit wothiness, debt management, franchising and delivery efficiency;
  • assist in minimizing businesses failures and in ensuring sustainability through close monitoring and provision of mentorship and after-care services.
  • Training can be packaged with mentoring in the form of “Training Led Mentoring Programme”

 (e) Consultancy Services

  • assist in enhancing the competitiveness of the Namibian businesses through improvement in productivity and quality.

 (f) Public Procurement

  • assist in providing SME certificate for tender purpose recognition.