Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers


Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers
The Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers wants to foster the expansion of a burgeoning steel metal industry, by providing quality service deliveries to all. This initiative will facilitate alternative artistic technical integration in the field of steel metal works. This initiative will serve as a catalyst in steel metal manufacturing and to be known as a preferred servicde provider, capable of promoting transformation of the economic empowerment of the Namibian artisans.



The company’s main activity will be the manufacturing of various stainless steel, sheet metals and fibre glass products, as well as modifications, installation and servicing of air-condition and refrigeration components.

1.Tables: home, office, factory, catering, surgical, butcheries and living hostels.

At home, the variety of tables can be used as coffee tables for sitting rooms, balconies and gardens. At the office use they are essential as work stations. Tables can be paired up with chairs, for bars and restaurants in a variety as shapes and sizes, creating a cozy environment.

Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers










2. Pipelines/works and tanks: acid pipelines, factory production lines and strange tanks.

Namibia sheet Metal Manufacturers is the first Namibian (SME) company to have been contracted to manufacture fibre glass products, for example acid fibre glass pipes used in the Rosh Pinah based Iscor Zinc Mine (Scorpion). For the strage and cooling, of a variety of liquids from water to milk, including acids for the purification of containers and tanks can be used in the factories, brewing industries and mines. The pipelines are also acid resistant preventing germ clots and rust.

In addition to the manufacturing of various steel products, the company also does installation of and servicing/maintenance of air-condition and refrigeration components.

Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers


3. Welding in general: safety doors, tanks, auto modification.

The business also looks at the production of sliding gates, safety doors and bars and cover cages for pumps and gencrators. Welding of exhaust pipes and petrol tanks, bull-bars, trailer-bars and auto modification in general can also be done by the business. This, including mild steel and stainless steel welding is all part of the above mentioned production line.

Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers








Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers








Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers








Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers


4. Hand-railings: pssageways, stairs, balcony railings and pools.

Railings can be used in a variety of styles and manners. As barriers for swimming pools and balconies., plays a vital role for in-home safety. For the stairs as a hand-railing in living and walking conditions, prevents accidents from happening. It is also used in bathrooms and toilets for physically handicapped as support railings.


5. Air comditioning vents: Office and factories/mines.

These vents can be utilized for the cooling and heating of office buildings and factories. In mines they are used for the vacuuming of harmful gasses and dust fumes.



Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers


Company information

Owner & Manager

Mr. Daniel Amaambo

Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers


Office, Shop & Workshop

P.O.Box 177, Arandis, Namibia
Cell: +264-81-2715178


We established Namibia Sheet Metal Manufacturers as a sole proprietor in Windhoek in 1997. We have moved to Arandis in 2004 and have been registered as a close corporation in 2010.


  • To secure a proper functioning workshop that will be used to manufacture various products for clients.
  • To reduce the importation of steel, sheet metal products that could easily be manufactured in Namibia.
  • To become competitive and efficient in the manufacturing of value added products for local markets, as well as for export purposes to international markets.
  • To create employment opportunities for our fellow disadvantaged countrymen and women, thereby, eradicating poverty.
  • To foster competitiveness through, acquisition skills, training and enhancement of expertise thereby, promoting economic empowerment.
  • To share our expertise with apprentices from vocational training centres, in as much to promote a better labour force for the country that would be able to significantly contribute to the economic growth of the land.




Category: Machinery and Metal Products, Region: Erongo