Mondesa Knitting Centre

The Mondesa Knitting Centre is a community project. This project seeks to empower unemployed members of the community of whom, most hail from the DRC settlement. This Centre open to everyone, especially encourages that segment of the population who were previously disadvantaged to be part in order to change their livelihood and to contribute to the present day economy of the community they live in. The mentioned project, owes its origin as a response to the various advises to self-employment in the striving to economic independence as a community and country at large for the inception of the Centre.



Our product is simple yet in demand. The Centre will make anything that can be knitted, in various textures and quantities for a wide spectrum of consumers. The school going leg of the prospective user’s demands are school jerseys, beanies, socks and scarves customer made in their school colors. For the office men and women pull-over’s and jerseys; the fashion person will throw in their demands while our designers and our members creativity will invents fashionable trends that will answer their questions before they ask it. The coastal weather enforces a demand for our products, and then will follow the season (winter) when our product will be more in demand.

mondesa knittingmondesa knitting



Erf 138, Mandume ya Ndemufayo Street, Mondesa, Swakopmund

mondesa knittingmondesa knitting



mondesa knittingmondesa knitting

mondesa knittingmondesa knitting


Company information


Ms. Menete Namashana

mondesa knitting


8 employees (3.2012)


Cell: +264-81-2805859

Address: Erf 138, Mandume ya Ndemufayo Street, Mondesa, Swakopmund

P.O.Box 8058, Swakopmund, Namibia


Mondesa Knitting Centre was started in December, 2005.


The Mondesa Knitting Centre is to be the country’s first ever community base producer of quality knitted products, locally. Our vision is to pursue an assertive competitive marketing program; ensuring our future as the best training community project which empowers its members by embarking them with skills and knowledge to produce and sell products.




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