Kalahari Sweet Jam


Would you like to try our sweet and delicious local specialty? We are producing jam from Namibian indigenous fruits such as Marula, Matanga and Prickly pear. These regional fruits are harvested by local farmers in Kavango region which is full of the blessings of the sun and the water. Currently our major customers are the local people and the lodges around Kavango and we are pleased that they are enjoying our jam. We hope to promote our unique jam as a local specialty to the people around the world, so we are committed to improve its quality, packaging and labeling, and sales promotions. Why don’t you try our delicious jam from Namibia to share with your friends, family and neighbors?


  • Marula Jam
  • Matanga Jam
  • Prickly Pear Jam, etc.

Marula Jam                                                           Prickly Pear Jam

Kalahari Sweet Jam Kalahari Sweet Jam









Shop and Workshop

Matanga                                                                  Marula

Kalahari Sweet Jam Kalahari Sweet Jam








Marula tree

Kalahari Sweet Jam Kalahari Sweet Jam









Company information

Owner & Manager

Ms. Helena N. Timothy Tufungeni

Kalahari Sweet Jam


4 employees

Office & Workshop

Address: ERF 1434, Rundu

P.O.Box 2144, Rundu, Namibia

Cell: +264-81-2480788


Kalahari Sweet Jam was started in 2007 and registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry as a Close Corporation.




Category: Food, Drink and Natural Products, Region: Kavango