Jam and Juice Project


Welcome to our Namibian sweet and delicious jam. We are producing jam from regional fruits such as Melon and Tomato, and also producing juice from Eembe and Muzizila. These indigenous fruits are harvested by local farmers in Caprivi region which is full of the blessings of the sun and the water. These products are called a “gift from the nature”. Our project was established in 2007 and won first prize at two domestic trade fairs in 2009 to 2010. This comes as no surprise to the 10 project members who are passionate about the quality of their products. Would you like to try our sweet delicious local specialty?


  • Melon Jam
  • Tomato Jam
  • Eembe Juice
  • Muzizila Juice, etc.

Jam and Juice Project

Jam and Juice Project









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Ms. Kasuka Esther                                                       Ms. Olivia Shimwe

Jam and Juice Project Jam and Juice Project









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9 members

Jam and Juice Project


Office & Workshop

Address: Kasheshe

P.O.Box 1587, Ngweze, Caprivi Region, Namibia

Cell: +264-81-7584805


Jam and Juice Project was started in 2007.




Category: Food, Drink and Natural Products, Region: Zambezi