Gfg Slasto Supplies cc


Gfg Slasto Supplies cc is an SME involved in mining and sales of Slate/Slasto stone and Building stone which is sold either in their:

a) Natural form (Slasto and Building Stone) or,

b) Processed form (Slate tiles)



Natural Stone Products is the most desired choice of decorative building materials used for building and landscaping worldwide and has established its place in history. No other material can match its strength, beauty and durability! Only natural stone is timeless and virtually maintenance free.

1. Building Stone

  • Compacted or Build with joints
  • Decorating Walls, Columns, Foundations

2. Slasto

  • Cladding and Paving
  • Used for Walls, Flooring, Interlocking, Paving, Gardening, etc

3. Riven Walling Slate tiles and Rock face tiles

  • Tiles that are cladded to an existing wall

4. Slate tiles

  • We cut 250/300mm, 200/200mm, 400/200mm and to customers specifications

5. Boulders

  • These are normally used for gardening and building



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In today’s booming development, slate stone is used to cater to the soaring demand of decorative products for offices, restaurants and hotels in beautiful intricate designs of polished or natural finishes.

Slate varies in size, color, texture, layering making each piece uniquely individual. Even for the homeowner envisaging renovation and changes to their homes, Slasto and Building Stone is easy to install and of durably quality.

We are proud to present to you buildings which we have supplied with our slate products!


Company information

Managing Director

Ms. Gwen Finis



Gfg Slasto Supplies cc employ 10 quarrymen and 2 tile cutters and 1 operator controlling the machine on the farm.
In Windhoek we employ 1 saleslady and 2 assistants who pack the stone and load.
Swakopmund we employ 2 Sales people 2 assistants who pack and load stone for customers.
All Namibians (Jan/2012)

Main office


3197, Pronkertjie str, KHD, Windhoek

Fax: 088 624 995

Mobile: +264-81-249-5774


NDC Building Unit 9, Phillips str

Behind Builders Warehouse


P.O.Box 40056, Ausspannplatz, Windhoek, Namibia




The business started operating in 2002. The company is in possession of a valid prospecting license with the Ministry of Mines and Energy, and has registered mining claims with the ministry where we mine/remove these natural products/dimension stones.
The company is a close corporation registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Namibia on 18th of September 2006, owned and managed by Ms. Gwen Finis.


These stones are mined in the Hardap Region of Namibia on the farm “Berghoek 506” which is situated 270km South West from Windhoek surrounded by the Naukluft mountains. Slasto stones and Building Stones is a result that is procured through mining and is a composition of mud and stone sediment that forms this fine grained rock.
Being a natural material, slate is found beneath the earth’s surface formed in slabs.
The entire production process takes place on the farm.




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