Gerty’s Homemade Golden Syrup


We are producing golden syrup made from sugar cane. In Namibia, we are the only one to produce golden syrup. Our golden syrup, Gerty’s Golden Syrup, can be used in a variety of baked goods and desserts such as biscuits, bread or cakes. We have three flavors: Plain, orange and ginger. Since this contains no preservatives or artificial colorings, it is safe for anyone. We not only supply
this in small sizes for home use, but also accept bulk orders for business use.

Gerty’s Golden Syrup will help you lead a healthy and fulfilling life.



Golden Syrup

gerty's golden syrup gerty's golden syrup










  • Spread for bread
  • For the baking of ginger biscuits (Bakery)
  • Other varieties: caramel syrup, ginger
  • As sweetener for various cereals, etc.



gerty's golden syrup gerty's golden syrup










Company information


Mr. Willem Beukes

Ms. Gertruida Beukes

gerty's golden syrup



2 employees

gerty's golden syrup



P.O.Box 4198, Rehoboth, Namibia

Tel: +264-62-524230

Cell: +264-81-3148605, +264-81-3186332, +264-81-2304332



Gerty’s Homemade Golden Syrup was started in 2011 and registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry as a Sole Proprietor in 2012.

Our Vision

A proudly Namibian syrup factory that can export its product and thereby help to stimulate the economy of the country.

Our Mission

1. Job creation for disabled and previously disadvantaged people.

2. To contribute towards poverty reduction economic growth and by cutting down on import costs.




Category: Foods, Drinks and Natural Products, Region: hardap