Celtu Mineral Water


celtu mineral water


Celtu Mineral Water is a company purify water for drinking. We supply plastic bottle of drinking water with special labels. We print labels according to your favorite logo or photo and put the label on the plastic bottle of water for function such as Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays, Graduations, Bars, Markets. You just order us!



We supply bottle water to the followings:

Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays, Bars, Markets, Functions and Caterings.

We put your favorite logo/photo of your choice on the bottle and any other bottle like wines and wine glasses, etc. We also do printings of weddings/births cards, etc.

celtu mineral water celtu mineral water



celtu mineral water celtu mineral water







Company information

General Manager

Ms. Neema Michael Colly

celtu mineral water


2 employees


Address: Oshakati west

P.O.Box 2952, Oshakati

Cell: +264-81-7334838, +264-81-3805434

E-mail: celtuwater@gmail.com


Celtu Mineral Water was started and registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry as a Sole Proprietor in 2010 .

2010 Start

Mission Statement

To supply the customers with safe consumption water that set a standard of improving the economy of Namibia by being on the competitive edge and by creating a great sense of direction to serve its employees and shareholders and lead to maximum satisfaction of the society at large.




Category: Food, Drink and Natural Products, Region: Oshana